How to Order

1. Take a look at the regional food items available on the current four week Subscription menu. The menu offering is made up of three main course items delivered to you once weekly, over the four week cycle.

2. To have the four week Subscription delivered to your door weekly, send a confirmation email to and enter “Provenance-to-Home Please!” in the subject line. Please also include your delivery address, preferred contact information, and order quantity in the body of your email.

3. All confirmed subscribers will receive a Weekly Order Form by email prior to delivery,. The form serves as a reminder of what foods you will be receiving from the Subscription menu, and provides the opportunity to order extra quantities of any single menu item to accommodate dinner guests. In addition, you will also be given the chance to make selections from a wider offering of regional foods.

4. If you have any dietary requirements or questions that you would like to discuss prior to subscribing please send an email to with the details of your needs. Accommodations will be made whenever possible.